La banda del otro

Yee Haw is an enthusiastic scream, an expression of joy, the onomatopoeic sound of bliss which transports us to the old wild west… in Andaluisiana.

We´re about to deepen into a musical universe inspired by Country, Ragtime and Bluegrass sounds where La Banda de Otro gives a concert… Quite a particular one, as it couldn’t be otherwise bearing in mind what its members are like. A circus show where it becomes impossible to differentiate the musicians from the clowns.

Living as outlaws, these people are always getting into trouble… It is said that try will use all their creative resources (which are not few) to steal the public´s laughs and make them the band´s accomplices.

There is not a big economic reward offered for their capture; However, the lucky ones who may see them during one of their performances will enjoy some goods chords, a big amount of laughs, and a few other surprises.

April 8th 22:30H
Plaza del Rosario, (en la puerta del TEM)
Free entrance
All ages

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