“The circus is, essentially, a show in which the struggle of the human being prevails over the matter in order to dominate and transform it into beauty.”

(Gasch, 1947, p. 25)

A contortion is a spin, an alteration of the conventional shape that generates a new shape, an unpredictable one. Like the history of circus itself, a constant metamorphosis, an even more difficult one.

In this spirit the Contortions Festival is born, a contemporary circus festival organized by the Valencia City Hall in collaboration with the local associations of circus professionals.

“Contorsions” sets forth to give people a more enriched view over the art of circus, beyond the traditional Christmas circus or other types of stereotyped images nurtured by the cinema. The contemporary circus, also named the New Circus, is defined by its multidisciplinarity and its eclectic nature. And a proof of this is the programme we’ve prepared for this first edition. Up from Leo Bassi’s sarcastic, vitriolic and politically comitted buffoonery down to the most conceptual and performative circus of the company settled in Brussels of Claudio Stellato. From the new trend of theatrical language of Los Corderos to the innovation and traditions combined by the historical

Catalan company Los Galindos. From the poetical French company Baraka Cirque who will assemble their circus marquee on the esplanade of the nursery to the aerial and musical spectacularity of Col.lectiu La Persiana. And of course, a large representation of Valencian companies like La Finestra Nou circ, Botproject, Sandra Milián Szenica and artists assembled in the galas of the APCCV who will turn the City Hall Square into a big tent without its tarp. And many more things, many more…