Circus Marathon

Circus Marathon


Twin presenters, clowns, former olympic runners and entertainers of the festival will be our personal trainers who will guide us through this long run artistic challenge. First, we will warm up with a set of games in order to keep the mind and heart open, and then we will be taken on a tour through the 4 stages of the olympic circuit to be completed all through which we will be able to experience the best of the Valencian circus.

Don’t miss out on anything!

Stage 1 – LA CIRTICA “Lea”

Stage 2 – SE ME VA LA BOLA CIRCUS “Only in company”

Stage 3 – JACINTO SIFÓN FONTANA “Plumbing, circus and poetry 2.0”

Stage 4 – ACROBACIA MÍNIMA “Seu-te!”

April 7th
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Free entrance
All ages
3 hours