Baraka Cirque (FRANCE)

Baraka Cirque (France)

Baraka Cirque

Come and enjoy the world of circus in the Tent of the French company Baraka Cirque. An unique experience that brings to you the Festival Contorsions.
This performance represents a metaphor: a wall, an actual physical one. It separates, locks inside and hides in…but also protects. Walls, more invisible in an indefinite space, without time, characters with multiple language (circus, dance, music..) will cross paths, reunite and tell each other stories.
A series of scenes filled with poetry, humour and humanity, will assemble this great wall.
With a brick of respect, a block of hope, you are invited to cross these walls in order to confront yourselves with the richness and beauty of the differences between one another.

April 05th, 6th, 7th and 8th

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1 hour and 10 min
All ages